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Founder and Creative Director, Laurence Bourguignon, has always been passionate about sunglasses. She is intrigued by all aspects of this fascinating fashion accessory.
After years of assembling an extensive personal collection, she could not resist turning her hand to the creation of her own brand,

With this brand name, she pays tribute to her late father, Ari, who was both creative and passionate in everything he did.
“Sunglasses can make or break an outfit. It’s that simple. The right sunglasses on the right person can uplift the simplest outfit to a very stylish level. I don’t follow trends and I don’t create for a defined target group. My designs are an expression of myself and who I am. I can only hope that my sunglasses will be picked up by women with a genuine and self-confident personality, daring to express themselves. Style has nothing to do with age. Everybody can make a stylish statement, you just have to believe it.” 
Laurence Bourguignon, Founder/Creative Director
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